About Us

Who We Are

BOP.NEXT is an outcome-driven content marketing agency built by experienced marketers to drive significant business outcomes for established technology organizations and digital-first startups alike.

The marketing professionals at BOP.NEXT deeply understand the trends and challenges in the technology space and design hyper-customized content marketing solutions to meet your current and future business requirements.

BOP.NEXT has a proven track record of helping CMO organizations optimize their content development, delivery, and repurposing workflows, driving superior customer engagement across the B2B sales cycle.

Our People

The team at BOP.NEXT consists of experts with advanced marketing and editorial competencies and are proficient at both the art and science aspects of content marketing

Our editorial unit brings together editors, senior writers, and copywriting assistants, all managed by competent editorial managers who provide strategic direction, steer ideas, and continuously monitor the quality of content.

The design team at BOP.NEXT is a group of creative individuals who are savvy designers and stay up to date on the latest industry trends in visual design and brand identity management. We ensure we strictly adhere to your brand guidelines while bringing to the table new ideas and a fresh approach to graphic design and video production.

BOP.NEXT has an in-house, cutting-edge SEO unit that works with marketing departments to boost traffic to their websites, enhance exposure to their content, and ultimately drive more business, conversions, and revenue. The SEO technologists at BOP.NEXT also help CMO organizations bolster their lead generation efforts by implementing a robust keyword strategy and delivering content and forms optimization.

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BOP.NEXT is founded by Ashok Zutshi with over 20 years of marketing experience in the technology sector. Ashok has supported content solutions for several marque brands that are leaders globally.

Partnering with leaders and next-generation technology startups to drive profitable conversations